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Dear Friends of UA+Ed,


 2021 was a busy year focused on providing meaningful opportunities for students.


  • With your support, a record amount of over $160,000 was given in grants, scholarships and awards.

  • UA+Ed's office moved to the Foundation Room in the new high school.  

  • The Golden Bear Bash, our annual FUNdraiser, welcomed 500 guests to the Amelita Mirolo Barn at Sunny 95 Park.

  • UA+Ed embarked on a Strategic Visioning Plan that will guide us for the next few years.


We invite you to take a few moments to enjoy this SHOW + TELL and learn more about the impact you are making in our schools.


With appreciation,


Alice Finley, Executive Director                                               Jennifer Overmyer, Chair

& everyone at the Upper Arlington Education Foundation

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Jennifer Overmyer

2021/2022 Chair


Mitva Patel

2022 Vice Chair


Beth Maisenbacher

2021 Treasurer

Todd Beekman

2021/2022 Investment Chair

Kelly Cantwell


Nic Fortkamp


Angela Lanctot


Matt Petersen


Karri Schildmeyer


Randi Stummer

Jana Tice



Kathleen Coughlin

Anne Houser


Branden Joe


Tony Macaluso




Jack Graf '65

2021 UA Alumni Association President

Catherine Stewart Kennedy '99

2022 UA Alumni Association President

Scott McKenzie

2021 School Board Representative


Lori Trent

2022 School Board Representative


Lou Sauter

2022 School Board Representative



Blair Adams

John Royer

Matt Stout

Paul Imhoff, Ed.D.


Jill Merkle

2021 Teacher Representative

Laura Mills Moore

2021 Teacher Representative

Shannon Riley

2021 Teacher Representative


Our Mission

To provide access to meaningful opportunities for each and every student.



An inspired and thriving community of learners.




Honoring Community

  • Our expectation of quality and love of neighbor is recognized in all that we do.


Fostering Connections

  • We nurture relationships and cultivate partnerships for yesterday, today, and tomorrow.


Supporting Innovation and Leaders

  • We fuel ideas and creativity in the classroom and beyond.


Embracing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • All are welcome and have equitable access to opportunity.


Giving Generously

  • Our hearts are big and our passion is education.


Being Responsive

  • We listen and learn to align our giving.



  • Kickin' It Live

  • Service Learning - Because I Said I Would

  • Thermostat Cultures Live

  • Passions with a Purpose

  • Greensview Kindness Squad

  • Upper Arlington Mini Gallery Project

  • Speech and Debate

  • DEI Themed Books JMS

  • Sustainability Club Andy Tice Memorial Field Entrance

  • DEI Independent Reading Books HMS

  • Summer Inspiration with Ecology

  • Class of 2021 Prom, walk-through & senior celebration

  • Hastings Middle School Spring Fling

  • Bear Paws for a Cause

  • UAHS Interactive Digital Storytelling Kiosk

  • Moving Towards Restorative


  • Multicultural Classroom Consultation

  • Jones Spring Fling

  • A Long Walk to Water Book Club

  • UAPL outreach collaboration project

  • Coaching Proposal - UAHS

  • The Farmstand Project

  • STEM/STEAM with Steve Spangler

  • Emily Reardon Garden

  • Joanie Dugger Educator of the Year Award - Tricia Fellinger

  • Joanie Dugger Educator of the Year Award - Margie Belair

  • Joanie Dugger Educator of the Year Award - Laura Kunkle

  • P.R.I.D.E. stickers

  • Lang. Arts support of Arlingtonian

  • Leadership books

  • Robin's tree leaves

  • Inspirit AI education program for student

  • Hope Squad

  • Private Music Lessons

  • STEM Injection

  • Poster Printer

  • Athletic Assistance

  • Washington DC trip Spring 2022

  • COVID Masks

  • Legacy Capital Campaign

  • T-shirts for UA schools staff

  • Burbank arts

  • Baseball

  • Ruling Our eXperiences (ROX)

  • Change Makers / Calm Down Corners

  • Visual Art Glowforge Grant

  • Arlingtonian Boost

  • James W. Baas Memorial Scholarship

  • Francis Richard Barnes Memorial Scholarship

  • Upper Arlington Class of 1959 - Charles G. Will Emerging Writer Awards

  • David Hajek Memorial Scholarship

  • Pat Hamilton Memorial Scholarship

  • Trevor Hartley Memorial UAHS Football Scholarship

  • HER Scholarship

  • Hysell/National Honor Society Award

  • Joanie Dugger Educators of the Year Awards

  • Keith Kreiger Music & Performing Arts Scholarship

  • John Lohse Science Scholarship

  • John Lohse Orchestra Award

  • Dr. Charles Wade Moulton - Cum Laude Banquet

  • Emily L. Reardon Memorial Scholarship

  • UA Rowing Scholarship

Scholarships and



The Upper Arlington Alumni Association invited graduates and community members to take one last stroll down the halls of the High School in April of 2021.  UA+Ed provided a grant to our Alumni Association Student Ambassadors who created a mural and invited visitors to leave their handprint on the building.


Students working on their broadcasting skills received a grant for equipment including a recorder to capture conversations from a distance (eg. on a sports field) and a camera that connects to someone (or some dog) to give a unique perspective to viewers.

IMG_1307 2.JPG
UAAA ambass mural2021_edited.jpg
IMG_0810 2.JPG
IMG_0917 2.JPG


Students at Hastings Middle School welcomed spring by getting outside and celebrated together with games, dancing and fun.

Jones Middle School had a similar celebration with music and treats, both supported by grants from UA+Ed.

Screen Shot 2021-10-17 at 8.50.23 PM.png


Teachers at Barrington are sharing their passions for cooking, knitting, coding, chess and more.  Students get to try new things while learning STEM skills.

2021.7 Multicultural classroom pic.jpeg


During a school year full of challenges, fifth graders at Barrington came together to read a book about grit and perseverance. A Long Walk to Water, set in Sudan tells the story of Nya, who fetches water each day from a pond that is two hours away and Salva who becomes a "lost boy" walking across Africa In search of safety. Bol, a "lost boy" who now lives in the Columbus area, will be visiting students soon.


Tremont staff received professional development from Lorena German, founder of Multicultural Classroom, with the goal to build a stronger foundation for anti-bias and antiracist work.


Over $27,000 was granted in 2021 for programs, projects and equipment to provide meaningful Science/Technology/Engineering and Math experiences at the elementary, middle and high school levels.

STEM injection.jpeg
2021 grant hattman.JPG


The high school welcomed FERRIS, a facility dog, this fall.  Students in Mrs. Wilson's developmental disabilities classroom take care of him, train him and learn leadership, responsibility and life skills.  Ferris has regularly scheduled "Ferris Forum" where all students and staff may come and experience a dose of puppy love. (Click below for a video.)



Annual Meeting Report 2021 (2).png

*Upper Arlington High School, Hastings Middle School, Jones Middle School, Barrington Elementary School, Greensview Elementary School, Tremont Elementary School, Wickliffe Progressive Elementary School, Windermere Elementary School, and Burbank Early Childhood School

New Established Funds 

JJ Blevins Memorial Fund

John Joseph (JJ) Blevins was a beloved son, brother, grandson and nephew. After graduating from Upper Arlington High School’s class of 2010, JJ went on to become a software engineer and coached baseball and football. He had a big belly laugh and a genuine heart and will be missed by all who loved and cherished him, especially by his family. The Fund will create a lasting memorial of JJ and will provide meaningful support and resources to students in the Upper Arlington Schools who have special needs.


UAHS Class of 1981 Leadership Fund

Members of the Upper Arlington High School Class of 1981, having benefitted from exceptional educational experiences, are proud to pay it forward to future generations of Golden Bears by establishing this Fund. The fund will grow over the next ten years leading up to their 50th High School reunion and will support programs and projects that provide students and staff with leadership skills valuable for their current and future success.


Reddy Family Fund

The Reddy family established this fund to support student centered opportunities that enhance the well-being and educational experiences of students at any grade level. Projects may focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, especially in supporting opportunities for students and staff to appreciate and capitalize on cultural and ethnic diversity. Subjects supported may also include STEM areas and Music.


Dr. James V. Allen Fund for Innovative Education

James Allen, an educational visionary in the Upper Arlington School District impacted thousands of teachers and students, many of whom he inspired to write and teach. He passed away on April 17, 2021 at age 74. Donations from friends, former students and educators made this fund possible. The purpose of the Fund is to provide resources for innovative educational opportunities leading to powerful learning, promoting students' well-being, building teacher capacity and fostering cultures of collaboration.

Arlingtonian Fund

The Upper Arlington High School's student-produced news publication, the Arlingtonian, has covered events in the Upper Arlington schools and community since 1936. The co-curricular class meets one period every day throughout the school year. Every Upper Arlington High School student and faculty member receives a copy of each issue at no charge. Printing costs come from patron donations and ad sales. The purpose of the Fund is to provide support and incentives to the Arlingtonian students to enhance their ability to publish excellent journalistic editions while exploring increased, innovative and sustainable revenue streams.

Establishing a permanent endowment fund is a meaningful way to support students for generations to come.


Unrestricted Assets


Unrestricted Assets are used for:

  • Supporting our mission through funding of grants in the school district

  • Operating expenses

  • Growing our endowment to support future generations of Golden Bears


Unrestricted Assets come from individual/corporate donations and sponsorships, fundraising (including the Golden Bear Bash), and investment revenue.

Flow-Through Funds


Flow-Through Funds are held in accounts for purposes consistent with the mission of the UA+Ed.


These funds may be created by donors to make funding available when it is needed the most. Flow-Through Funds may be temporary or long-lasting.

Designated Endowment Funds


Designated Endowment Funds may be established by donors to make a meaningful and lasting impact for today's learners as well as future generations of students.


Funds may be earmarked to support opportunities in specific subject areas, grade levels, schools, or other identified areas of interest. Endowed Funds are invested with Hamilton Capital Management and are structured to last into perpetuity.

TOTAL  $3,276,222.74

All numbers are cash basis for the calendar year ending 12/31/2021. 


Bash at the Barn

See pictures from 2021's FUNdraiser by clicking the button below.

Save the date! 16th Annual Golden Bear Bash!
Sunday, September 4, 2022

bash pic.jpeg




  • Mail a check or use a credit card online 

  • Give in honor or memory of someone special

  • Thank a teacher or other UA Schools Staff member with a donation in their name



  • Make a tax-free gift with an IRA

  • Designate the UA+Ed in a bequest



  • Make a recurring gift (monthly, quarterly, annually)

  • Designate the UA+Ed when you join the United Way



  • Grow an existing endowment fund or flow-through fund that supports a purpose meaningful to you

  • The UA+Ed has over 70 funds that are designated to support specific schools, subject areas, activities and more

  • Learn about these funds on our website:


Once a Golden Bear

Always a Golden Bear!


The Upper Arlington Alumni Association (UAAA) was established by the UA+Ed in 1986 to help Golden Bears stay connected and engaged after graduation.

In addition to honoring the past, the UAAA plays an active part in the UA+Ed's mission to provide access to meaningful opportunities for each and every student.  We can be better together by sharing governance structure, strategy and resources.


If you are a UAHS alumnus, be sure to update your information and stay connected at

DEI Post.png

Illustration from the book Golden Bears A to Z

The Upper Arlington Education Foundation is aligned with and supports the goals and plans of the Upper Arlington City School District. Our mission is to provide meaningful opportunities for each and every student and we are proud to provide resources for programs and projects focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion. We value the unique experiences and backgrounds of our community of donors, fund advisors, staff, board members, volunteers, and school district employees as we work together to further our mission. Upper Arlington is an excellent school system, but there is work to be done. We take seriously the importance of students feeling a sense of belonging, safety, and inspiration to reach their full potential.

Looking forward to 2021 and beyond, the Upper Arlington Education Foundation will

• Assess our own processes and policies, including grantmaking, to ensure equity among students;

• Provide continued board and staff development opportunities in the area of diversity, equity, and inclusion that will allow us to continue to support the strategic vision of the School District;

• Partner with our community to ensure needed resources are available to those who are working passionately on behalf of each and every student in Upper Arlington.

Upper Arlington Education Foundation Staff

Alice Finley, Executive Director



Megan Lewis Potts, Assistant Director


Jennifer Rigney, Operations Associate

Meghan Obergefell, Operations Associate

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