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When it rains we weather the storm toget

2020 SHOW + TELL

Dear Friends of UA+Ed,


2020 put “what matters most” into sharp focus. The Upper Arlington Education Foundation provided more financial support in grants, scholarships and awards than any previous year.


Beginning in March of last year, the Upper Arlington Schools faced unprecedented and urgent needs stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic that were compounded by a reduction in state funding. Providing Enhanced Distance Learning when necessary, and offering multiple pathways for instruction including a hybrid model and the UA Online Academy required additional resources.


With your support, the Upper Arlington Education Foundation was able to provide access to meaningful opportunities for each and every student throughout 2020. We supported technology to keep students and teachers connected, programs and materials to foster wellness and belonging, and funding for individual needs of students during this difficult time.


We are incredibly thankful to you, for being under our umbrella - Rain or Shine.





Alice Finley, Executive Director, and everyone at the Upper Arlington Education Foundation

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Tracy Peters

2020 Chair


Charly Bauer

2020 Chair


Beth Maisenbacher

2020/2021 Treasurer


Jennifer Overmyer

2021 Chair

Todd Beekman

Sven Bergmann


Kelly Cantwell


Angela Lanctot


Greg Lehman

Mitva Patel


Karri Schildmeyer


Randi Stummer

Jana Tice




Nic Fortkamp

Matt Petersen

Craig Zimpher


Bill Hall

2020 UA Alumni Association President

Jack Graf

2021 UA Alumni Association President

Scott McKenzie

2020/2021 School Board Representative



Blair Adams

John Royer

Matt Stout

Sally Meier

2020 Ad Hoc

Paul Imhoff, Ed.D.


Jill Merkle

2020/2021 Teacher Representative

Laura Mills Moore

2020/2021 Teacher Representative

Shannon Riley

2020/2021 Teacher Representative


Our Mission

To provide access to meaningful opportunities for each and every student.



An inspired and thriving community of learners.




Honoring Community

  • Our expectation of quality and love of neighbor is recognized in all that we do.


Fostering Connections

  • We nurture relationships and cultivate partnerships for yesterday, today, and tomorrow.


Supporting Innovation and Leaders

  • We fuel ideas and creativity in the classroom and beyond.


Embracing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • All are welcome and have equitable access to opportunity.


Giving Generously

  • Our hearts are big and our passion is education.


Being Responsive

  • We listen and learn to align our giving.



  • Innovate K12 District-Wide Prototype Expansion

  • Color Me Columbus

  • UAAA Ambassador Grants Program Launch

  • Freshman Mentor Program

  • Robin's Tree at Tremont

  • UAHS: Flexible Live Streaming Equipment For Home Athletics & Beyond...

  • Secrets Under the Parking Lot author visit and book purchase

  • Windermere Hawk Mascot

  • Video iPad Enhancement Initiative

  • Swank Streaming Video Service for Teachers/Students

  • Cardio Drumming for Music and PE

  • School Mascot Project - Greensview Lion

  • Middle School athletic support

  • OT Take Home Bag Building Project

  • Gallery Hop/Burbank Early Childhood School

  • Baseball t-shirts for alumni game

  • Stories for Change: This is My Story

  • Change Makers

  • Wickliffe Progressive Wolf Mascot

  • Bearbots

  • Student Music Lessons

  • Student Foundation projects 2020

  • Rosalind Wiseman - Distance Learning Playbook presentations

  • The Power of Peers Working Together: Student Collaborators Building on Inclusive School Culture

  • The Ohio State University Golf Course Habitat Restoration

  • UAHS Coaching

  • Summer Meals COVID-19 Crisis Fund

  • Dan Santat Author Visit 2020-2021

  • America to Me Special Event: Peter Kahn

  • UAHS Graphic Design Artist in Residence

  • High School Musical


  • Jim Baas Community Service Award

  • Francis Richard Barnes Memorial Scholarship Award

  • Pat R. Hamilton Memorial Scholarship

  • Trevor Hartley Football Scholarship Award

  • David Hajek Spirit Award

  • Keith Krieger Scholarship Award

  • John Lohse Orchestra Spirit Award

  • HER Realtors’ Scholarship

  • John Lohse Science Award

  • William Schaefer IB Scholarship Award

  • Class of 59 Charles G. Will Emerging Writer Award

  • Joanie Dugger Educator of the Year Award 



charly heart.png

This fall, UA+Ed invited parents and students to say "thank you" to teachers and staff members by using a link to share a personal message of appreciation.  459 notes were sent throughout the district with sweet treats.

Greensview Lion.png




Freshman mentee shirts fostered a meaningful and inclusive start for the incoming class of 2024. These students did not start their high school careers in an actual building. We know that small things like this give kids joy, it gives them a means to build community with each other, and creates a sense of belonging to something greater than themselves.

These mascots are helping to build a community feeling at school, even when learning is happening remotely! These fun friends attend school events, welcome students, and are a periodic side kick during morning video announcements.



secrets book.png


Secrets Under the Parking Lot

The impact of this book project has been far reaching. Jones and Hastings students covered curriculum in the areas of reading, history, language arts, social studies and service-learning through an author visit and the learning of an authentic story that happened in their own community's back yard. They used critical thinking skills to learn the history of Upper Arlington and continue to explore and evaluate the beginnings of the Upper Arlington community. 

During the pandemic, restrictions have limited spectator and audience size. This equipment provides families, and community members live and recorded access to athletic games, school events, and more. In the future, this equipment will continue to ensure friends, neighbors, and family members can "attend" important events.

Grant Spotlight Post-1.png
Grant Spotlight Post.png
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Cardio Drums combine music and physical activity to create performance/workout experience that is fun and strenuous. The activity builds community, teamwork, exercise, and musical timing, and is adaptable for any student to enjoy.


Staff and students are producing and enhancing learning experiences by creating digital content to be shared with their school communities. See the video below, created by the elementary media specialists.

Screen Shot 2020-12-11 at 11.24.26

COVID-19 Crisis Fund

In 2020, the Upper Arlington Education Foundation proudly gave $25,000 to assist in establishing a UA Schools COVID-19 Crisis Fund. With the support of all school PTO's, UA Rotary, The Columbus Foundation, The Upper Arlington Community Foundation, and individual donors, over $73,000 was raised.


The first priority was to provide grab and go breakfasts and lunches to children in our community throughout the 12 week summer break 2020.


Remaining monies available in the Fund after providing for children's meals are being used for other COVID-19 Crisis-related costs at the discretion of the district. 

The COVID-19 Crisis Fund is also being used to bring

author Rosalind Wiseman to our community. Her webinars, will help families and staff members to hone skills to support the social, emotional, and educational well-being of our students.


Rosalind Wiseman will discuss:
• Defining the foundation for young people's happiness and well-being
• Developing mind-frames for families that support children's skills to create, innovate, and think critically
• Helping families guide children's friendships and social interactions during the pandemic and beyond

Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 3.30.44 PM.png


2020 Giving graphic.png

*Upper Arlington High School, Hastings Middle School, Jones Middle School, Barrington Elementary School, Greensview Elementary School, Tremont Elementary School, Wickliffe Progressive Elementary School, Windermere Elementary School, and Burbank Early Childhood School


New Endowment Funds 

Joanie Dugger Educators of the Year Award

    Three teachers will be honored each year with a $1,000 grant to support programs or projects of their choosing.


Pleasant Litchford Fund 

    This fund is designated to further the School District's focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.


National Church Residences Fund

     Unrestricted in use, this fund will support programs that bring community members together with students for authentic and meaningful learning experiences.


Emily L. Reardon Memorial Scholarship Fund

     In memory of this UAHS 2019 graduate, an annual scholarship will be given to a student who reflects Emily's gifts of kindness, love and compassion.


Emily L. Reardon Memorial Garden Fund 

     A garden will be installed in front of the entrance to the Natatorium of the new Upper Arlington High School in Emily's memory.

Establishing a permanent endowment fund is a meaningful way to support students for generations to come.


Unrestricted Assets


Unrestricted Assets are used for:

  • Supporting our mission through funding of grants in the school district

  • Operating expenses

  • Growing our endowment to support future generations of Golden Bears


Unrestricted Assets come from individual/corporate donations and sponsorships, fundraising (including the Golden Bear Bash), and investment revenue.

Flow-Through Funds


Flow-Through Funds are held in accounts for purposes consistent with the mission of the UA+Ed.


These funds may be created by donors to make funding available when it is needed the most. Flow-Through Funds may be temporary or long-lasting.

Designated Endowment Funds


Designated Endowment Funds may be established by donors to make a meaningful and lasting impact for today's learners as well as future generations of students.


Funds may be earmarked to support opportunities in specific subject areas, grade levels, schools, or other identified areas of interest. Endowed Funds are invested with Hamilton Capital Management and are structured to last into perpetuity.

TOTAL  $2,876,872.20

All numbers are cash basis for calendar year ending 12/31/2020. 


2020 VirtUAl Golden Bear Bash

In 2020, your safety was a top priority. For the first time in its 14 year history, the Golden Bear Bash was virtUAl.

Wonderful donors continued to support our mission by becoming 2020 sponsors.


50 limited edition BASH IN A BOX kits were sold out in under one hour! In addition, there were fantastic auction items available to bid on and win. Thank you Upper Arlington community!


Save the date! Golden Bear Bash!

September 5, 2021 - Whether we are in person or virtual, we will be back!




  • Family sponsorships start at $100

  • All sponsorships include website recognition



  • Mail a check or use a credit card online 

  • Give in honor or memory of someone special

  • Thank a teacher or other UA Schools Staff member with a donation in their name



  • Make a tax-free gift with an IRA

  • Designate the UA+Ed in a bequest



  • Make a recurring gift (monthly, quarterly, annually)

  • Designate the UA+Ed when you join the United Way



  • Grow an existing endowment fund or flow-through fund that supports a purpose meaningful to you

  • The UA+Ed has over 70 funds that are designated to support specific schools, subject areas, activities and more

  • Learn about these funds on our website:


Once a Golden Bear

Always a Golden Bear!


The Upper Arlington Alumni Association (UAAA) was established by the UA+Ed in 1986 to help Golden Bears stay connected and engaged after graduation. In 2020, the student ambassador program is helping to raise awareness and connection between the UA+Ed and UAAA.  In addition to honoring the past, the UAAA plays an active part in the UA+Ed's mission to provide access to meaningful opportunities for each and every student.


If you are a UAHS alumnus, be sure to update your information and stay connected at

DEI Post.png

Illustration from the book Golden Bears A to Z

The Upper Arlington Education Foundation is aligned with and supports the goals and plans of the Upper Arlington City School District. Our mission is to provide meaningful opportunities for each and every student and we are proud to provide resources for programs and projects focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion. We value the unique experiences and backgrounds of our community of donors, fund advisors, staff, board members, volunteers, and school district employees as we work together to further our mission. Upper Arlington is an excellent school system, but there is work to be done. We take seriously the importance of students feeling a sense of belonging, safety, and inspiration to reach their full potential.

Looking forward to 2021 and beyond, the Upper Arlington Education Foundation will

• Assess our own processes and policies, including grantmaking, to ensure equity among students;

• Provide continued board and staff development opportunities in the area of diversity, equity, and inclusion that will allow us to continue to support the strategic vision of the School District;

• Partner with our community to ensure needed resources are available to those who are working passionately on behalf of each and every student in Upper Arlington.

Upper Arlington Education Foundation Staff

Alice Finley, Executive Director



Megan Lewis Potts, Assistant Director

Meghan Obergefell, Operations Associate


Jennifer Rigney, Operations Associate

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