Enhancing What Matters Most


The Upper Arlington School District is proud of its nearly 100-year tradition of providing the children in our community with the highest quality education.











Visionary leaders throughout the history of Upper Arlington Schools have diligently worked to ensure future opportunities for students.  This dedication to students has not gone unnoticed, as evident from the foreword to the 1925 Upper Arlington High School Annual:


Little more than a decade ago our village and school was a dream, a hope in the minds of our forward-looking citizens.  Today both are glorious realities, the consummation of that past hope and dream.  Those who planned so well and executed so nobly did so that we the babes and then unborn generation—the school boys and girls of today—might not lack the stuff wherewith to prove ourselves.  With this heritage, fraught with the most coveted opportunities, as ours, we do not intend to fail those who have had the faith and vision to make these opportunities possible.”


Sixty years later, in 1985, Superintendent Homer Mincy and his administration realized the need for our school district to seek alternative funding sources. In order to support the students through swiftly changing economic, social and technological conditions, Dr. Mincy along with Upper Arlington community leaders, created the Upper Arlington Education Foundation. The UA+Ed was permanently structured to provide support to our district then, now and in the future.












Thirty years since the establishment of the Upper Arlington Education Foundation, we continue to partner with our school district, providing funding and support for enhanced educational experiences for all students.



The Mission of the Upper Arlington Education Foundation is:


to privately fund and support programs, materials, and opportunities that maintain, strengthen or enrich our students’ environment and educational experiences, the expenses of which exceed the budget of the Upper Arlington School District.



Upper Arlington Education Foundation Trustees are dedicated to:

Enhancing What Matters Most





In 2024, Upper Arlington High School will hold its 100th graduation ceremony.  These future graduates, who are currently in elementary school, rely on us to ensure that, even with the cost of education rising and governmental funding in flux, each will receive an outstanding Golden Bear education.


We do not know exactly what the needs of our students will be, but we do know that our administrators and staff members are responsible for preparing our students for:


Jobs that don’t yet exist, using technology that hasn’t been invented,

to solve problems that we don’t know are problems yet.










The UA+Ed is working hard to be an important partner in delivering that outstanding Golden Bear Education each and every year.


Thank you for the part you play in helping us enhance everyone’s education

both today and tomorrow.




Do you want to play an even bigger role in this partnership?

Contact Alice Finley today.









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614-487-5007 ext. 1120 


1950 N. Mallway Dr., Upper Arlington, OH 43221


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