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Board of Trustees


Sven Bergmann

Tracy Peters

Todd Beekman

Alice Finley

Growing up, I was intimidated by math and science. A couple years ago, a sophomore, Audrey, received a UA+Ed grant to start a First Robotics Team at UAHS. She filled the team with a majority of female students and had a female advisor. Some of these girls had no background in robotics, but they joined the team and each played an important role. They made it to the national competition their first year. Looking back, I wish that I had had more opportunities in STEM education, especially as a female.

Beth Maisenbacher

Megan Potts

I love to plan events that bring people together and show others a side of life that they have always wanted to explore. In high school, I would have wanted to be a student leader of UAHS IDEA Day. This is a day that is created for students (and teachers) to take a risk and try something new. Everyday should be IDEA Day!

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